Mobile Device Management

Protecting your mobile Data...

Mobile phones themselves aren’t cheap. The data that your users store on them could be priceless…

With our mobile device management, you can drastically reduce the costs of lost or stolen mobile devices.

For a small monthly fee, we can manage your mobile devices and keep them safe and secure. We can remotely install or remove applications, install antivirus software, track movements of lost devices and wipe all data if necessary.


We install antivirus software on your mobile devices, keeping them safe from the latest vulnerabilities.


We can track the movement or find out the last known location of a lost device.


If your device cannot be located, or has been stolen, we can remotely wipe all sensitive data.


Ensures all devices are protected with a Password or PIN

Remotely lock your device if you lose it

Enable you to wipe data from your device if it's lost or stolen

Remotely configure email accounts

Detect whether a device has been jailbroken or rooted

Remote device location

Lock device after X amount of bad login attempts

Mobile Device Management

MDM Tracking Example