Cloud Infrastructure

Hosted Desktop

If your business has a requirement for constantly available IT, then you will find our hosted desktop services perfect. With our hosted desktops you can work from anywhere, at anytime and from almost any device. Each desktop comes with user file storage, and dedicated support. We provide two different hosted environments, Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, and can advise which would best suit your business requirements.


If you lose your laptop or your desktop PC dies, no worries! Your data and applications are hosted on servers in the cloud and therefore always accessible.


Our hosted services can be added and removed on the fly, with a few clicks, so you only ever pay for what you are using. There is no setup fee, and tiered pricing saving larger customers money per desktop.


We provide a near 100% up time on our servers and our desktop environments can be access from anywhere in the world, on almost any device.